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The secret of fresh food preservation on the market - PE air - adjusted packaging film

2021-12-14 15:03

For ordinary people, now how level of fresh food, a very large level determines whether to buy or trade, such as frozen food, beef and mutton, pork, seafood, seafood, etc cannot be stored for a long time, in the general store as 20 degrees temperature is only about one to two days of fresh, than later will decay quickly, rub off, stink. How to maintain the freshness of food for a long time and achieve excellent refrigeration characteristics is a very important problem. At this stage fresh food food packaging method of plastic car chassis and a layer of plastic film, in which through a few years of development trend, this layer of plastic film is also known as PE adjustable packaging film.  


What is air conditioning packaging? Generally, it means that gas is discharged from food utensils and plastic gas is added into the package. N2, O2, carbon dioxide, etc., or even a mixture of the two, are generally used for gas. Its function is: remove O2, alleviate the whole process of air oxidation, block the growth and development of fungi and aspergillus flavus. The whole process needs to be based on the type of food and then choose different gas ratio to carry out packaging. In general, the air-controlled packaging film is a unique PE film. The key function is to adjust the respiration rate and gas permeability of vegetables and fruits and small fresh meat to increase the storage period, achieve the practical effect of refrigeration, and greatly reduce the consumption of food.  

PE adjustable air packaging film PE adjustable air packaging film can be widely used in raw cooked meat, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, baked food food, fast food, dairy products and other goods packaging. Because of the specific refrigerating effect is very good, sales market annual growth rate is steady rise 4.3% each year, so far it has promoted 14 billion RMB, it can be seen that the development trend of gas packaging has become more and more perfect, and the development trend of our country has become the world gas packaging machinery and equipment, raw materials and gas using one of the fast growing market.  


Generally speaking, THE market prospect of PE adjusted packaging film is broad, it can produce: 1. Reasonable control of anaerobic movement bacteria, facultive bacteria breeding improvement, from the source to increase the shelf life of goods; 2. Maintain the original freshness, color, appearance and taste of the goods well; 3. Additives can be reduced or not applied, food is healthier; 4. Expand the geographical area and time of commodity supply; 5. Environmental hygiene, can be stacked, sealing without juice and taste leakage; 6. Improve the packaging level and increase the added value; 7. Reduce consumption of food industry companies and customers.